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Pornstar Pocket Pussies
While pocket pussies are typically used by men, anyone who appreciates the female anatomy will love the intimate construction of our portable, pornstar sex toys. So, whether you’ve been looking for a new plaything to shake things up in the bedroom or something to satisfy you when you’re solo, pocket pussies are the seemingly perfect toy for you! What is a pocket pussy? How does it differ from a pornstar pocket pussy? When perusing pornstar sex toys for men, it’s important that they closely replicating the vagina, which is why pocket pussy is a specialized type of sex toy that’s constructed from soft materials—sometimes pre-lubricated, ribbed, and heated for extra pleasure—in the form of a tight tube which the man slides his penis in to. While your basic pussy mold is roughly five inches in length with an opening at each end, there are hundreds of models of pornstar pocket pussies available online, including celebrity pussy molds to appeal to just about any fetish. While a boring, run-of-the-mill pocket pussy might do the trick, a simple upgrade to the celebrity pocket pussy will allow you to slip your penis into a real mold of a pornstar’s vagina! How’s that for some added realism? Why invest in a pornstar pocket pussy you ask? Here is our list of the ultimate benefits: The open end makes them easy to clean They’re great for threesomes These pornstar toys can replicate a vagina, anus, or mouth Great for sexual gratification Feels better than your hand Masturbation is healthy User may not be ready for a committed or friendly sexual relationship They’re portable and convenient Relieves boredom Delays your orgasm Works as a great stress reliever What does a pocket pussy feel like? If you’ve selected the right pussy mold, your pocket pussy should feel like the real deal. That being said, the quality of your pornstar toys will make a massive difference in their usability and overall experience. Since the most commonly used materials are thermoplastics, silicone, and latex rubber, be sure to research the different materials available and opt for a product that’s firmer, soft, or rubbery based on your preference. However, if you’re looking to put some miles on some pornstar molds that are a little different, be sure to shop around for one that replicates an anus or mouth rather than a pussy. With that said, hunt for a famous pocket pussy on to ensure the most realistic experience possible! How does a pornstar pocket pussy replicate a vagina? Once lubricated, the insides of the sex toy are yours for the taking, and since each pornstar or celebrity pocket pussy is filled with a unique network of bumps, ridges, and nodules, remember to close your eyes; you won’t be able to tell it’s not a real vagina! The best part is that once you’ve shopped around to find the ultimate pornstar mold for your pleasures, it’ll be easy for all of your erotic fantasies to come to life with the help of this simple and arousing pornstar pocket pussy. What famous pocket pussies do we carry? While fleshlights are often the first type of pornstar sex toy that comes to mind, there are a wide variety of famous pocket pussies that are built for your at-home or on-the-go convenience. So, whether you’re planning to store your celebrity pocket pussy in your bedside table or under your pillow for easy access, it’s time to get excited about our pornstar pussy molds. What types of pocket pussies do we carry? Rechargeable strokers Pocket pussy masturbator cups Sucking and heating pocket pussies Some of our most popular pornstar models: Lexy Belle Masturbator Remy Lacroix Masturbator Missy Martinez Pocket Masturbator Casey Park Travel Masturbator Corey Chase Pocket Pussy And more+++ How to choose the best pornstar pocket pussy for you When it comes to purchasing some new pornstar toys, there are many things to consider. Here are some factors that we believe will come into play during the selection process. The right size: While every man likes to consider themself large when describing their package, it’s vital that you measure your girth and length of your penis before you select your pornstar mold. While a tight pocket pussy will likely increase pleasure, if the internal sleeve is too large, you will not be getting the most out of your new toy. Shape, texture, and material: While most pocket pussies are made from soft, skin-like materials, their internal textures vary. So, depending on whether you want realism or some freaky bumps, your pornstar mold should cater to your sought-after experience. The overall size of the sex toy: The word “pocket” indicates that the toy should be small and portable to make it suitable for transport, but if you’re more likely to want your sexual relief at home, there are pocket vaginas that range from masturbator cups to full body pussies with buttocks and an anus attached. This means that whatever your desires, there’s a product out there that’s bound to meet all your needs. How to clean and store your sex toy Like most adult sex toys, you need to take care of your pocket pussy if you want it to last, especially since you will likely be ejaculating into your new toy. That being said, to prevent the spread of bacteria that can sit on the porous areas within the toy’s sleeve, remember to always clean your pornstar mold between uses. Since the majority of pocket pussies are made from silicone materials, they are safe and easy to wash with mild soap and water, and like your penis, easy to slip into for easy cleaning. Then, leave it out to air dry. Once cleaned and dried, store your sex toy in a hygienic container or linen baggy to prevent any dust build-up. Many models are sold with a convenient pussy sleeve that works great for storage purposes! Shop our selection of pornstar molds, sex toys, and pocket pussy and grab hold of the ultimate sexual pleasure.
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