Classix Auto Vac Power Pump Blue

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Release Date: 09/17/2019

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Get ready for thick, throbbing erections with an easy press of a button! This Classix® Auto-Vac Power Pump boasts a hands-free automated motor that powerfully enlarges girth and expands length. The ultra-stretchy Elite Silicone donut creates a comfortable air-tight seal as it snugly encircles your shaft. With the simple press of a button, the vacuum suction teases your penis to a long-lasting, rock-hard erection. The clear vacuum cylinder allows you to see your growth! The thick, heavy grade acrylic tube is marked with metric graduations to measure your results. Once you`ve reached your desired size, simply press the quick-release button under the power button to instantly relieve pressure. Or, press and release the quick-release button intermittently to enjoy milking sensations that feel just like oral sex! Dimensions: Package Depth: 3.25 in. Package Width: 3.25 in. Package Height: 13.75 in.


Length: 14
Width: 3.25
Height: 3.25


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Classix Auto Vac Power Pump Blue

$74.99 $0.00 ( / )